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.People define "sex" in different ways. It can include vaginal, oral, and anal sex, and other activities. Vaginal, oral, and anal sex have more risks (like pregnancy or spreading STDs) than other sexual activities. If you're going to have any kind of sex, it's important to make sure you (and your partner) both feel ready and are protecting yourselves against pregnancy and STDs. - See more at:
.Vaginal sex (penis-in-vagina intercourse) Oral sex (mouth-to-genital contact) Anal sex (penis-in-anus intercourse) Dry humping or genital rubbing Fingering or hand jobs (hand-to-genital contact) Masturbation - See more at:
Most sexperts like us believe "sex" includes any or all of the above.
However you define it, being sexual with another person takes a lot of responsibility. Before you have sex, think about what things you feel comfortable doing, and if there are consequences to them (like STDs or pregnancy). It's just as important to think about what you DON'T feel comfortable doing. And if you're in the middle of doing something that you thought you wanted to do, but change your mind, that's OK, too. You can stop any time you want to.
If you're going to have vaginal, oral, or anal sex, talk with your partner about how you'll protect yourselves against STDs.
If one of you has a penis and the other has a vagina, and you're having the kinds of sex that can cause pregnancy, it's also important to use birth control if you don't want to get pregnant. 
- See more at:
An orgasm is the pleasurable release of built-up muscle tension that can happen from any kind of sexual stimulation. Having an orgasm is sometimes called "coming" or "cumming." Guys tend to reach orgasm more quickly and easily than women (although this isn't true for everyone). And women are more likely to orgasm from stimulation of the clitoris than the vagina.
During an orgasm, you may feel warm, your heartbeat will race, you'll breathe harder, your face and chest might get flushed, and you'll have muscle spasms in your genitals. It's often intense and feels really good.
- See more at:
Men usually ejaculate when they orgasm. Some women ejaculate during sexual activity, too. People sometimes call female ejaculation "squirting." The fluid that comes out when a woman ejaculates is not urine (pee), though it may look like it. Most women don't ejaculate, but either way is normal.
Although people tend to think that having an orgasm is the "goal" of sex, many women and men get lots of pleasure from doing sexual things even if they don't have an orgasm. In fact, putting a lot of focus on having an orgasm can make you anxious, which can make sex less good.
- See more at:
.Going down on someone. Eating someone out. Giving someone a blow job. These are all ways that people talk about oral sex — using your mouth to stimulate another person's genitals.

Some people like oral sex, and others don't. Some people like giving oral sex but don't like getting it, and some like getting it but not giving it. All of this is totally fine, and it's up to you to decide for yourself what you're comfortable with. In order to make sex better, it's important to talk about what kinds of sex you do and don't want to have. Like all kinds of sex, when having oral sex, it's important to let each other know what feels good and what doesn't. - See more at:
.You can't get pregnant from oral sex, but unprotected oral sex puts both people at risk for STDs. Although it's less likely you'll get an STD from oral sex than from unprotected vaginal or anal sex, safer is always better. So for safer oral sex, use a condom to cover the penis, or a Sheer Glyde dam, cut-open condom, or plastic wrap to cover the vulva or anus. - See more at:
.Anal sex means penis-in-anus intercourse. A lot of people enjoy anal sex, and lots of people don't like it at all. Either way is perfectly fine. If you don't like it or don't want to try it, don't let anyone pressure you into it. Sex should feel good and be safe and comfortable for both of you.

Anal sex can hurt if you're not relaxed and don't use lube (AKA, lubricant). The anus doesn't naturally make lubrication like the vagina does, so you really need to use lube for anal sex to make it feel better and keep the condom from breaking. Don't use anything with oil in it, like Vaseline, lotion, or baby oil, which can damage condoms. You can get safe lubricants in the condom aisle at drug and grocery stores. - See more at:
Listen to your body. If anal sex (or any sex) hurts, stop doing it and tell your partner how you feel  — sex that's painful or uncomfortable should not continue and your partner should respect that.
You can't get pregnant from anal sex. But there's a bigger chance of getting STDs, including HIV, from unprotected anal sex. So it's important to always use condoms AND lube during anal sex to decrease the risk of STDs.
- See more at:
If you feel safe talking with your parents about sex, do it. Sure, it can be a little embarrassing, but it's definitely worth starting the conversation. Many parents and other adults you trust can offer great information and advice about sex, health, and staying safe.
One way to avoid awkwardness is to ask your parents questions about what they think about sex to show them that you respect their opinions. You could start by saying something like, "Some of my friends are having sex. What do you think about that?" Or, "How did you first learn about sex?"
- See more at:
Asking them questions about what it was like when they were your age or when they first started having sex is a great way to learn, get their trust, and even hear some funny or cute stories from their past. You can also try using something from a TV show or a movie to start the conversation.
Your parents will probably appreciate you being open with them and will be happy to help you find information or resources when you need them.
- See more at:
Well, it depends! Most of time we're talking about something you do - not just whether you're a girl or a guy.
Sex can include many things you can do - either by yourself or with other people. Sexual feelings are exciting and, because they are, it is easy to get carried away. Sexual activities can be everything from kissing to intercourse - from holding hands and hugging to fondling and touching another person. Sexual activities can also be things you do all by yourself - like masturbating or pleasuring yourself sexually.
Sex comes with risks as well as pleasures, so it's a good idea to think about the risks and what you're comfortable doing or not doing.
Think ahead about the choices you make. If the whole idea of sexual activity makes you feel uncomfortable right now -listen to your feelings.

There's more than one kind of sexuality. You may find that you are attracted to people of the opposite sex. If you are, people call that being heterosexual or straight. You may find that you are attracted to people of the same sex. If you feel this way, you may be gay or lesbian. You may find that you are attracted to both sexes. If you feel this way you may be bisexual. Or you may feel that you are in the wrong body. If you are a girl, you may feel that you should have been born in a guy's body or if you are a guy you may feel that you should have been born in a girl's body.
.If you feel this way you may be transgender or "two-spirited".(?) Having these feelings can be scary and confusing because there is still fear and prejudice against people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. This can make it difficult for you to be okay with these feelings and difficult for you to tell other people about them. But remember, it's okay to be yourself. In fact for your own health, it's important that that you be who you know you are. There are many youth and adults who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered or two-spirited. Here are some other excellent web sites that provide information on sexual orientations.
Oral sex happens when one sex partner kisses, licks or sucks on the genitals (vagina, penis, anus) of their partner.
Common names for oral sex are "giving a blow job" and "giving head." It is also called cunnilingus (on a woman) and fellatio (on a guy).
Too many people think that because you can't get pregnant with oral sex that it is safe and harmless.
Many guys and girls don't even think of oral sex as "real" sex. They think that if there is no sexual penetration then it's not real sex. Nothing could be further from the truth!
Oral sex can pass on STIs. Oral sex without protection could give you a lifelong disease.
You can protect yourself and your partner by using condoms (for oral sex on a man) and oral dams (for oral sex on a woman).
For most guys and girls, their first pleasurable sexual experiences involve masturbation.
Surveys report that by age 18 almost 100% of guys and over 50% of girls have tried masturbating. Many young people discover masturbation all on their own, while others learn about it by talking to friends. Not everyone is okay with masturbation and it is still considered "dirty" by some religions and by some parents.
But the choice is yours.
Masturbation involves touching or rubbing the parts of the body that create pleasurable sexual feelings. It's one of the ways that we get to find out what feels good for us sexually. For guys, masturbation almost always involves stroking the penis until it gets hard and then continuing to rub it to create pleasurable feeling or to have an orgasm (also called "cumming") which includes an intense physical feeling that usually ends with semen spurting out of the penis. Girls use many more ways of pleasuring themselves and this can involve touching or stroking the clitoris, the breasts and any body part that creates feelings of sexual pleasure.
Masturbation doesn't always have to include an orgasm. It can be simply a way of feeling pleasure with one's body. There are many myths about masturbation and its effects. One is that it causes blindness or grows hair on your hands. This is absolutely untrue. Masturbation also does not create warts or cause STIs.
Safer sex starts with thinking about sex risks and then making safer sex decisions. This includes decisions about:
  • what you will and won't do
  • decisions about the amount of risk you're willing to take when it comes to STIs or pregnancy.
No Risk Choices
  • Flirting
  • Holding hands
  • Hugging
  • Physical contact with your clothes on
Low Risk Choices
  • Kissing
  • Stroking, touching the other person's skin
  • Fondling, feeling the other person's skin
  • Massaging

Medium Risk Choices
  • Oral sex with a condom or an "oral dam" between you and the other person
  • Vaginal intercourse with a condom
  • Anal intercourse with a condom and water-based lubricant
High Risk Choices
  • Oral sex without a condom or "oral dam"
  • Vaginal intercourse without a condom
  • Anal intercourse without a condom
  • Sharing sex toys
Sexual activity also has emotional risks. You could get your feelings hurt or your heart broken. You could also find that your "love life" becomes a hot topic of conversation. If it does some people may label you with words that are hurtful - like "slut", "skank" or "sleeze".


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